The History of Meucci Company has evolved over a wholecentury.It was back in 1905 when Igino Meucci, moving to Milan from Tuscany, founded his distillery of aromas and essences. His acquaintance whith a Sicilian ice cream maker in 1907 persuaded this dynamic Entrepreneur to ventureinto the world of gelato. This is how the production of the first Italian product "Gelato Caskn - marca gallo" was born, and still in production 100 years later. From the very beginning, the company's philosophy was geared to foster the flare of the artisan gelato maker. Igino Meucci used to say that best quality products can only be further developed by the creativity and imagination of the utmost professionals, being all in all the true gelato artists. Back in 1926 Meucci started the production of cold items and that of cones 2 years later, setting a real leadership in the field. Meucci was, as a metter of fact, the first company in Italy to set production by using single stream manual machines. In 1946 Igino Meucci handed over the business to some of his children, and today the company counts the third generation of family members among its managing partners. In 1959 one of the company's specialities "Limone per gelati" (lemon for gelato) entered into production, and later came Pastonat, whith its natural cream base. In 1982 Meucci moved into its new factory in Buccinasco on the suburbs of Milan, where they still operate to date. Over the years an ongoing equipment renewal and improvement in production and in quality enabled the company to establish its presence in the international market, penetrating all continents. The company further expanded its production to offer a complete range of products to satisfy new customer demands, including bases and pastes for cream gelato, natural fruit concentrates, jellies, toppings, fillings and frozen desserts, as well as a rich selection of confectionary products. all of these specialities, today as in the past, stick to Igino Meucci's core philosopy:to enhance the creativity of the genuine craftsman who makes good gelato.