Gelato Caldo/Mousse - Warm ice cream/Mousse

It is a product suitable for ice cream and confectioners' shops.
It is ideal for producing individual cakes, “spoon” dessert specialties or warm ice creams with the addition of fruit and cream flavours. Cold processing.

gr. 500 pasteurised milk mix
gr. 500 whole milk
gr. 400 warm ice cream
gr. 140 Meucci pastes

MOUSSE dosage
gr. 1000 cream
gr. 400 mousse
gr. 140 Meucci pastes

Gioia di Riso

It is a soya-based product, without saccharine but with fructose; it is a low calorie product without milk derivates, gluten, perfect for milk protein and celiac intolerant. Cold processing.
Flavors:White-cream, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cocoa.
Dosage: 1 confection each 3 litres of water

Ipocalorico - Low calories

It is a complete powder product vanilla flavour (it does not require additional ingredients), cold processing.
Dosage: gr. 1000 each 3 litres of water

Base soja - Soya base

It is a complete product (it does not require additional ingredients), excellent for those LACTOSE INTOLLERANT, vanilla flavoured, rich and creamy.
It is possible to add fat-free products to make flavours other than vanilla. In powder for cold processing.
Dosage: gr. 500 each litre of water

02 Vanilla

02: zero fat, zero sugar
It is a low calories complete product to obtain an excellent ice cream in terms of smoothness and creaminess.
Dosage: 1 confection (gr. 1100) each 2 litres of water


Powder product, 100% vegetable product, for all who follow a vegan diet. Warm and cold processing. For cream and fruit ice cream. Gluten free.
Dosage: gr. 150 each litre of water/soya milk/rice milk, gr. 230/250 sugar for vegan