Many of the traditional Meucci pastes such as hazelnut, nougat, pistachio, walnut, tiramisu, coffee, etc… as well as the fruits (strawberry, banana, coconut, fruit of the forest, etc…) have an important role in the preparation of pastry goods and semifreddo. As well as the pastes used in the ice cream manufacturing there are also the following products:


Powder product to produce meringues.


It is a thick pistachio paste suitable for filling cakes and croissants.


It is a almond cream suitable for filling cakes.

Confettura di albicocche

It is apricot jam made with 35% fruit.

Ciliegie amarenate

Black cherries to be used for decorating cakes, ice cream and sundaes.

Crema pasticcera - Custard

Warm processing: It is a milk powder product that integrates and substitutes milk in classic pastry cream increasing the shelf-life and reducing the number of bacteria. Reducing as well, the use of egg yokes.
Dosage: Crema pasticcera gr. 100
sugar gr. 300/350
starch gr. 100/130 (or flour “00”)
yolk 1-2
water gr. 900

Cold processing : It is a complete powder product for quick use and good preservation.
Dosage: Crema pasticcera gr 400
milk gr.1000
It is possible to add 70/100 gr. of cream in order to make it softer and creamier.