These are fruit and juice concentrated paste products and have been especially created to give the ice cream the taste and fragrance of natural fruit. They can be used alone or in smaller dosages if they are used together with ice creams made with fresh or frozen fruits. Its make-up permits for the product to be smooth, wholesome and hygienically guaranteed because of pasteurization process. Meucci Company has always been appreciated for its high quality fruit concentrates.

Albicocca - Apricot
Amarena - Black Cherry
Ananas - Pineapple
Anguria - Watermelon
Ciliegia - Cherry
Cocco - Coconut
Fico d’India - Prickly pear
Fragola - Strawberry
Fragolina - Wild Strawberry
Frutti di bosco - Fruits of the forest
Gelso - Mulberry
Lampone - Raspberry
Mela verde - Apple green
Melograno - Pomegranate
Melone - Melon
Mirtillo - Blueberry
Mirto - Myrtle
Mora - Blackberry
Passion fruit
Pesca - Peach
Petalo di rosa – Rose Petal
Ribes - Blackcurrant
Uva Americana - Strawberry grapes